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18. May. 2012

New Rv8 & Speed 6 Mbe Systems Launched

TVR Power has announced the launch of its new MBE engine management system for both Rover V8 and Speed 6 powered cars.

Power’s highly efficient Rover V8 MBE system does away with the need for many of the standard engine bay peripherals which can cause problems in older cars, such as the air mass meter and stepper motor. In addition coil packs replace the standard distributor and a new programmable ECU complete with bespoke map is complimented by a brand new engine wiring loom. Also a trigger wheel is fitted to enable fully mappable fuel and ignition.

The advanced controllability of TVR Power’s new system allows for up to 40 degrees of ignition, as against the standard 28 degrees and higher compression can also be run without the fear of detonation, as Power can simply program it out. You will also benefit from lower emissions alongside improved torque, drivability and reliability.

The complete TVR Power RV8 MBE engine management system is available as a drive in / drive out fully fitted service for just £2495 plus VAT.

Power’s Speed 6 MBE management system is also available for £2495 plus VAT. However later ‘T’ model cars fitted with the E6549 serial number ECU will not require a new engine wiring loom, so a reduced cost drive in / drive out fitted service is available for those cars only at just  £1990 plus VAT. The Speed 6 MBE also incorporates a two channel knock system which allows Power to tune each individual cylinder. This two channel system should be of particular benefit to the bigger capacity Speed 6 engines and is bound to be a big hit with Power’s 4.3 and 4.5ltr conversion customers.

Mbe fully installed comes with a Bespoke Map @ £2495 Plus vat